Beautiful engraving of your initials or the initials of the person to whom you are preparing to present gifts can be done at your request on  the product.

Dear customers! Please note, that in case you order personalization, we ask 100% advanced payment and do not make returns, because personalization is made especially for you.

Pratesi products

Initials are applied in Latin. The initials can be applied to any place on the surface of the bag, briefcase or suitcase.  The application of the initials takes a minimum of time and the speed of dispatch of finished products is not affected.



Laser engraving can create unique character. With laser recording we can record onto the leather all you want, names or logos, thanks to our latest technology machines! 

The font used is Lucida Calligraphy, but on request, as indicated in the comments, you can choose the type of font you prefer (MS Sans Serif, Flemish, Engravers, Forte Handwriting).